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Thoughts from the Sun
Sunday, 4 November 2007
Monarchy v Democracy
Topic: Patriot
Like any intellectual i share a love/hate relationship with my government and that is true patriotism. Blind love for your country is not the qualifications for being a patriot in America, that is the qualifications for being a Patriot in a Monarchy.

Posted by insidethesun13 at 2:37 PM EDT
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Living up to Our Ideals and true terrorism
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Topic: Patriot
In theory our government is beautiful. It is time that we begin to live up to those ideals that began in Jefferon's Declaration of Independence and continued on into the articles, the constitution and our civil liberities.

It is time for true patriotism to arise in a country that has been mislead with a false image of patriotism as exercised by the terrorists within our own media and represenatives. I am exhausted of the acts that are processing results through the use of fear. I am hurt by the very thought of anyone taking events that have affected the lives of many and then using them for their own gratification. I am also sick of our classical yet unevolved response of blame, and not just blame, but false accusations upon those that have done the least amount of harm.

It is my personal belief that the men who hijacked those planes on september eleven of two-thousand have caused less damage then those who have used the event to mislead our country into war. I don't in any way relieve those responsible for those hijackings of their wrong doing, nor do i ask to displace the value of their damage. I simply am stating that they are not the only ones responsible for the lives of many, and that their act was one of absolute damage, whereas the use of their act, as abused by politicians and the media is one that is still continuing today.

As a true patriot of this country, one who wishes to maintain and sustain the United of States of America, i ask you all to fight the real war on terrorism, by rising above the fear and awakening to the reality of who is behind it now.
Webster defition of patriotism
"Love and loyal and zealous support of one's country"

Posted by insidethesun13 at 2:20 PM EDT
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Civil rights and liberties
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Topic: Patriot
Our American Constitution, our Values, and Civil Rights/Liberties are Beautiful. The only thing they lack, is true engagement as well as regulation of their meaning. In other words, when Thomas Jefferson wrote that "All men are created Equal" (Declaration of Independence), it was only white males that owned property that were defined as men then, and allowed to partake in the "unalienable rights as endowed by their creator" (Declaration of Independence).
It wasn't until we gave birth to Civil Liberties, and opened the window of extension of our Civil Rights through the creation of the 14th Amendment that we began truly giving "all men equality." Slowly but surely we gave rights to African-Americans, Women, Native-Americans, etc.

Today we are still facing trouble of giving recognition to Homsexuals and those of Middle Eastern decent as being a part of the words "all men are created equal." And it is simply our Fear that works as the main oppressor of reaching this goal, set by Thomas Jefferson, but also ACKNOWLEDGED by Jeferrson that it's difficult, and easier said then done , as he himself was a slave owner.

These are high standards, being able to recognize that every individual on this earth, seperate from class, race, gender and sexual prefernce is equal to you or me. But one day, i feel we will meet them, i am not giving up on this country and neither shall you.

As stated before, a true patriot of a democracy, questions his government, participating and keeping the government in check, all things that condone improvement. Blind following and keeping your mouth shut is only patriotism in a monarchy.

Posted by insidethesun13 at 2:19 PM EDT
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