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I. Introduction

It was late October and the day was benevolent, disenchanting and caught on fire. I awoke to a candle burning my neck, and as the dream world began fading into reality I realized that it was not a candle but a deep sore pain.

The clock interrupted my thoughts before they could carry further. The time pulsating on the machine was a strong reminder that if I didn't carry myself out of bed this instant I was going to be caught up in the hustle of hurrying to a destination I had no intentions of being in. However, as bound by money, order and the will to achieve in life I knew that I had to go to this place.

Despite setting my alarm the night before and creating the comfort of preparation by placing it in a great place to give me time to get ready, I stood up, turned it off and went back to bed. My plan to have time to diddle around on my computer before I left was crushed, but diddling around on my computer and wasting time I didn’t have, was always a valuable option that I constantly chose.

As an addict to stress, life would just be too simple and easy if I did everything in my power to keep the river flowing peacefully, no I had to be in the rapids.

Thank you.


Inside the Sun

More to come.

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